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Technical Advisory Committees


The internal technical expertise held within Oxcert is supplemented by a number of Technical Advisory Committees whose role is to provide advice on technical matters related to the development and operation of Oxcert activities.

Oxcert has technical committees that provide advice in the following accreditation areas:

  • laboratory medicine, clinical radiology
  • certification, information security and IT security
  • certification of occupational health and security management systems
  • certification of occupational health service
  • inspection of vehicles.

The committees are advisory and non-executive, and provide a forum for input from various bodies and individuals with an interest in Oxcert activities, for example, professional bodies, accredited organizations, customers, and regulatory bodies. A Technical Advisory Committee normally comprises invited members capable of providing technical advice from the perspective of:

  • Oxcert assessors
  • Oxcert accredited bodies
  • Customers of Oxcert accredited bodies
  • Independent specialists
  • Governmental specialists
  • Academia
  • Government regulators
  • Relevant professional institutes
  • Oxcert staff

Oxcert may seek advice from these committees on a number of specific technical issues, including:

  • The formulation and review of specific technical criteria to facilitate effective and consistent application of Oxcert' activities
  • The acceptability of particular procedures as a basis for accreditation
  • The identification of potential assessors and sources of assessors
  • The need for and conduct of proficiency testing and interlaboratory comparisons
  • The impact of European and other international initiatives
  • The need for the establishment of specialist task forces

The Oxcert Technical and External Affairs Director appoints the Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee and Oxcert formulates the membership in conjunction with the Chairman. Service on a committee is by personal invitation of Oxcert.

Committees only meet as required. The Chairmen of all the Technical Advisory Committees meet on an annual basis (normally in September) to review the main issues discussed in individual committees during the year, and to agree any changes to their future operation.



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